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Alexia Melocchi

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Partner – Producer – Consultant

Alexia Melocchi is an accomplished entertainment industry professional, with a long and proven track record of success in both the domestic and international arenas.

Born in Milan, Italy,  and raised in Beverly Hills, Alexia Melocchi’s passion for entertainment was evident at a young age. Throughout her career, Alexia’s devotion to undiscovered talent has been indisputable. With more than twenty years in the industry, as both a sales agent and buyer’s representative for international distributors, Alexia has been gained both valuable and diverse exposure to a variety of films and functions in the entertainment industry.

In 2000, Alexia Melocchi launched boutique corporate representation, consulting and production company, Little Studio Films. As a partner, producer, and consultant, Alexia’s expertise and footing in the Entertainment Industry have been of considerable value to her clients. With Alexia’s multifaceted role, she’s responsible for managing daily company operations, strategic planning, signing international and domestic talent, consulting with producers, directors, media companies, and production companies on projects; overseeing film production activities, assisting with project marketing campaigns, establishing strategic industry alliances, and handling a wide variety of special projects. Over the course of their initial 17 years, Alexia has personally established the company’s management division and has personally signed key deals with writing, directing, and producing personnel.

Prior to spearheading Little Studio Films, alongside Alexandra Yacovlef, Alexia Melocchi worked in Los Angeles for both Amazing Movies and Axelia International Pictures. During her time at Amazing Movies, as the Director of Sales & Operations, Alexia was responsible for managing the firm’s day to day operational and sales activities. Under said role, Alexia had the opportunity to attend major industry trade shows, where she successfully established relationships with international distributors. After leaving Amazing Movies back in 1990, Alexia Melocchi accepted a position with Axelia International Pictures as the President of Distribution. Apart from overseeing the firm’s distribution operations, Alexia advised on financing structures for co-productions, conducted casting research, as well as developed marketing and sales campaigns. From the script stage through post-production, Alexia Melocchi has worked with all levels of industry personnel. Her unparalleled experience and insight on the Entertainment Industry have been the driving force behind countless, successful initiatives. Alexia’s efforts have resulted in many films produced, scripts sold, books optioned, as well as films and television programs, being distributed on a worldwide basis. Alexia Melocchi’s hard work and dedication have brought her a great deal of success. Having often times surmounted both employers and clients’ expectations, Alexia Melocchi’s craft and intuition haven’t gone unnoticed. For more information, visit Alexia Melocchi’s press page or head over to Little Studio Films!

Clients and Associates of Alexia Melocchi

  • AJ Ferrara (Writer, Producer)
  • Glen G. Doyle (Writer, Author)
  • Katherine Van Pelt (Writer)
  • Mark Kaneshige (Writer)
  • Mark Moorer (Writer)
  • David Castaldo (Writer)
  • Anne M. Brauer (Writer)
  • Helene Paroulakis (Writer)
  • Michelle Wilcox (Writer)
  • Josep Colomer (Writer)
  • Darren Swanson (Writer, Director)
  • Karen Buckton (Writer)
  • Joshua Brownstein (Writer)
  • Katherine Van Pelt (Writer)
  • Jay Hix Jones (Writer, Director, Producer)
  • Les Brennan (Writer)
  • Kathy Deters (Writer)
  • Nick Montalvo (Writer)
  • Andrew Bainbridge (Writer)
  • Megan Johnson (Writer, Director)
  • Adina Sadeanu (Writer)
  • Maria Celia Garcia (Writer)
  • Eric Goldbrener (Writer, Producer)
  • Filmexport Group ( Distribution, Production Company)
  • 76 Pictures (Production Company)
  • Faeria Srl (Production Company)
  • Lost Pictures (Production Company)
  • Pitcher Point Productions (Production Company)
  • Magic City Pictures (Production Company)
  • Mecanismo Films (Production Company)
  • Boo Productions (Production Company)
  • Bradley Media LLC (Production Company)
  • Hungry Fish Media (Organization, Production Company)
  • Vengeance LLC (Production Company)
  • Archstone Pictures (Production Company)
  • Extreme Video SRL (Production Company)
  • Axis Media Production Company
  • Mr.Arkadin (Production Company)
  • Lamborghini Golf Sportswear
  • Best Seller to Box Office (Publishing/Book Scouts)
  • Film in Tuscany (Organization)
  • Leomark Studios (Distributor)
  • Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (Organization)
  • Orka Studios Poland  (VFX/Animation Company)
  • Arclight Films (Distribution Company, Finance Company)
  • Worldwide Filmed Entertainment (Distribution Company)
  • AusFilm (Organization)
  • Puerto Rico Film Commission (Organization)
  • SEEFEST (South East Europe Film Festival Los Angeles)
  • Mokko Studios (VFX Company)
  • Sheri Steffens (Wedding Planner, TV Personality)
  • Rock It Press (Publishing Company)
  • The Film Connection (Film School)
  • The 48 Film Project
  • Nancyland
  • Cheer Channel
  • Cote D Azur film commission
  • Sophid Commercial and Investments Greece