There is no denying the power of social media in terms of the entertainment industry. Active users on Twitter top 320 million and Facebook has a whopping 1.59 billion people regularly signing into their account. Prior to the advent of social media, only large scale films and production companies had the opportunity to reach millions of people, but now anyone can make waves on the internet and reach out directly to an audience if they utilize these properties effectively.

Social media, when used correctly, can add incredible value to the project you’re working on or one that is ready to be released to the public. As an entertainment industry professional, it is your job to reach your target market and promote your project successfully. As you may have noticed the success of most crowdfunding campaigns is largely credited to the Social Media activity of those campaigns. You could have a film project that has movie stars and well-known producers and directors on board and still not be able to raise funds. The opposite spectrum being of small time production companies in the middle of nowhere with amateur cast and crew, who succeed to raise millions of dollars because of “perks” and lots of friends who are active on the social media platforms to promote the project.

This is the era of the “influencers” and engaging with them and gaining their support will be a huge asset to your Social Media presence. If you admire certain directors or producers or actors or writers, follow them as well. You will learn much from their journeys and should you be so lucky to have them support your project down the road, you will see how quickly they will put a spotlight on your upcoming film or short or television show.


Create the accounts

There are so many options when it comes to different social media properties on the internet, each with their own distinct features. Those working in the film and entertainment industry would benefit from using entertainment specific platforms such as Stage32 and VIMEO  to create content and network with others in your profession and those interested in learning more about projects they’re interested in. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are regularly used by millions of people every day and should be utilized to expand your reach and get people talking about your project.


Be Present

One of the most important steps to making an impact online is to actually be present online. Sign into your social media accounts on a regular basis and check in on your followers’ pages. Make sure to interact with the people you follow and those that follow you. Engage with those that like your posts by keeping in touch with them on a daily or weekly basis. Make sure to grow those relationships as much as you can because they are likely to keep tabs on your projects and stay connected with you. If you are promoting your visual work, Instagram is a great platform as stories (even movies) are told by images and if you capture the right image and use the proper hashtags you will start getting followers and you will get noticed.


Be Real

Try to be as authentic as possible by writing in a conversational tone. Include your audience in your daily activities by updating them on what you’re doing, where you are, or interesting facets of your profession. While it can be overwhelming when it comes to what information to include, try asking questions and polling your audience every now and then to see what content they want to see from you.


Be Creative

If you’re in the entertainment industry, to begin with, you most likely possess a creative mind. Use it to your advantage and apply it to your social media accounts! Your followers and those that stumble across your profile will be more likely to engage with your content if you set it up in a meaningful way. Come up with strong images! Let us SEE what you are working on. Use hashtags! Start building your own “ism”, meaning write a message that has personality and can inspire or trigger a response from your followers.